How The Bundle Works

The Vibrant Stuff Bundle started at just $25 and it increases in price by $1 after every purchase.

This type of pricing is a fun thing Jason came up with in 2008 called "Bumpsale." It creates a bit of fun when buying something, and rewards you for taking action as soon as you're ready to buy. The longer you wait, the more the price will increase.

The total value of the Vibrant Stuff Bundle is $2,500+, but we started the bundle price at just $25. Yes, it's an absolutely crazy deal, but this is a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal and we wanted to get a little crazy!

**As soon as you click the buy button, your price will be locked in for 5 minutes. If you don't purchase during that 5 minutes, the price will most likely increase. Once you purchase, you'll get all the Vibrant Stuff goodies via a fancy redemption page with immediate access to everything!** 

The bundle will only be available now through Cyber Monday (Nov. 26th) at 9pm EST.

This bundle will no longer be available in: