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We make A LOT of stuff, and we love when people actually use that stuff to improve their businesses and their lives.

But we also know that not everyone can always afford to buy every one of our products. That's why we offer this EPIC sale once a year for a limited time.


How The Bundle Works

The Vibrant Stuff Bundle starts at just $25 and increases by $1 after every purchase.

This type of pricing is a fun thing Jason came up with in 2008 called "Bumpsale." It creates a bit of fun when buying something, and rewards you for taking action as soon as you're ready to buy. The longer you wait, the more the price will increase.

The total value of the Vibrant Stuff Bundle is $2,500+, but we're starting the bundle price at just $25. Yes, it's an absolutely crazy deal, but this is a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal and we wanted to get a little crazy.

Come back on black Friday, November 23rd at 7am PST/10am EST and you'll see the Buy Button available. Remember, the earlier you buy, the better the price!

The bundle will only be available through Cyber Monday (Nov. 26th) at 9pm EST.

This bundle will be available in:

Pssst...this isn't the real button. Come back Nov. 23rd!

Pssst...this isn't the real button. Come back Nov. 23rd!

**NOTE: The price for the bundle will climb quickly and may be over $100 within the first few hours. Be prepared for this and know you're still getting an awesome deal if you don't pay the starting price.**


Questions You Might Be Thinking



What if I own one of the courses already?

We know this might be the case for you, and we believe the Vibrant Stuff Bundle is an awesome enough deal that you'll be okay with it. Just remember, the entire bundle is worth over $2500(!), so the price you're paying is most likely less than the price we charge for just ONE of our courses!

When does the Vibrant Stuff Bundle go away?

Monday, November 26, at 9pm EST. After Monday, the Vibrant Stuff Bundle will disappear and there’s no guarantee we’ll offer it again next year!

How will I get access?

As soon as you complete your purchase, you'll get an email with a top-secret, super-secret, very-secret, password. That password will be used on the redemption page that contains all the Vibrant Stuff Bundle goodies. You do not have to redeem your purchases right away, you can come back to the redemption page when you're good and ready to enjoy all the vibrant stuff!

Can I share this page with my friend/lover/frenemy?

Yes indeedy, you certainly can! Here are some fancy links to share the Vibrant Stuff Bundle on Twitter or on Facebook.


It's a very particular set of skills; skills we've acquired over a very long career. Skills that make us a nightmare for people like you. 




Who are these two crazies again?

In case you have no clue who we are... we're Jason and Caroline Zook, founders of the membership community Wandering Aimfully (formerly JasonDoesStuff and Made Vibrant!)

Jason is a writer, entrepreneur and lover of doing things differently.

Caroline is an artist, writer and lover or helping people live and work as their brightest selves. 

We're both incredibly passionate about creating businesses that are uniquely aligned with our values. All of the products in this bundle are created with the intention of helping others do the same!